Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things that remind me

April 13, 2012

Manahoana!  Not a whole lot to report but I thought I would make a post of some interesting things I have noticed in the last few days.  As you have read, I have a running Ford count, which is now up to 12.  There are some other things that reminded me of people as well.
·      The environment trainer Cecelia Shaw, a current PCV, looks a ridiculous amount like Mia Vitullo.  I showed her a picture of Mia, and even Cecelia agreed.  Plus her last name is Shaw, which is Mia’s mom’s name.  FREAKY.
·      Yesterday, through our language immersion, we discovered that Nick, an environment volunteer, speaks Malagasy akin to Jeff Spicoli speaking English in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  He also looks a lot like Sean Penn, which made it particularly amusing.  So, of course, we had to watch the movie last night.
·      As I mentioned, I stole a bunch of media from Tara, a current environment volunteer. I was watching an episode of 30 Rock today that I have never seen, and Frank was wearing a Stunts Unlimited shirt.  That one goes to Brian J
·      On Sunday (Easter) we had potato salad, which I was super geeked about because that’s what we have at home on Easter!
·      Today, for lunch we had INCREDIBLE BBQ CHICKEN!!! I nearly died.  Could have eaten the whole pan by myself I swear.  Can’t wait to get the package from my parents and Alex that I know contains barbeque sauce!!!  That makes rice soooooo good.  That also means that someone here either knows how to make it, or you can purchase it in Tana J Yesssss.
·      Minnie (the current PCV at my site) came back to help train and we sat down for a couple hours talking about the site.  We were on her computer because she is going to give me a ton of files from when she was working, and I saw a folder labeled DSP…SHE’S A DELTASIG!! Shout out to my Xi homies, miss you guys.  She went to USC.  Monica, a girl in my stage, is also a Deltasig, we are well represented J
·      Watched Zombieland with a bunch of people tonight, which made me think of all my ridiculous friends who have Zombie Apocalypse plans (Gauvin, Eric, T. Vane, Nico, Thom, Zach).  Also, “Your Touch” by the Black Keys is featured, Alex J
·      We just finished a phenomenal 20-minute spontaneous “floor is lava” dance party.  We did not break anything *cough Tyler, Ben, Mia, Allison, Stefie, Heather cough*

I swear in 3 weeks from today!  On Tuesday we have to give a presentation to the small business we have been working with (in Malagasy) so we have been working feverishly on that.  I really think we have some good things to tell her that will help her with her embroidery business.  We give a presentation in a couple weeks to our host families about a potentially business opportunity in Mantasoa but we haven’t started preparing that one yet.  Just what I love, presentations.  This is why PST is so much like study abroad.  The plus side is I get to give my host family the presents I got them that day!  I got hats with Michigan sports teams Fed Ex’d by my parents (thankyouthankyouthankyou) that I know they are going to love.  I also got pictures printed and bought a little photo album for them.

Also, my program director should know next week when in-service training is in August, which means I can probably book a flight home shortly after that!  I know for sure now that I can take days I have not accumulated, so I will probably be home for a couple weeks, depending on when everything falls.

I will keep you posted when I can!

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