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Manahoana daholo!

Here is my mailing address if you are planning on sending a letter or package.  Remember to number the letter or package, and if it is a package, put religious sayings on it, like "Jesus loves you."  Also the advice is to send padded envelopes if you can, because they will likely get here faster.

Sarah Fowlkes
Lot II D 165 Est Hopital
Miarinarivo 117

My physical address in Miarinarivo, not that you should need it for anything, is as follows.
Sarah Fowlkes
Lot XIA 75 Antanambao Nord
Miarinarivo 117

If you want to email me:

The website for purchasing scarves and other artisanal products is
and the parent organization of the is

I look forward to hearing from you!


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