Saturday, May 5, 2012


May 4, 2012

Yo yo yo tubas, we did a session on music and dance in Madagascar and watched music videos.  We watched a pop take on a “traditional” dance for each region.  The North: booty shaking and PTs.  Google this and see if the video is on youtube—Tence Mena Tsisy Karaha Ty.  Jimmy, these guys may have you beat haha.

In more pertinent news I BECOME A VOLUNTEER TODAY!!! In about 2 hours actually haha.  The country director, John Reddy, drove up from Tana yesterday and threw us a wine and cheese party.  With Swiss cheese and Brie, not the stuff you find here in Mantasoa.  And real, soft bread, not the day old baguettes.  We also had the best brownies ever.  I swear I ate my weight in cheese and bread.

This morning, I actually put on make-up and STRAIGHTENED my hair.  I actually look normal again haha, although slightly tanner than when I left J.  It has rained most of the morning, but we have seen peaks of the sun, so I hope that holds up for the ceremony.  They have been testing the sound system, and played a hard rock version of pomp and circumstance, which just made me laugh.  It really is like a graduation.  The girls are all fighting for the 2 straighteners, we are dragging out the long unused makeup, putting on dresses.  It is like a dance and graduation all rolled into one, with the girls all getting ready together.  We have also all forgotten what each person looks like when they try to look good, so we keep oohing and ahhing at each other haha.

I am just about packed up and ready to move in!  We go to the transit house in Tana tomorrow morning, stay there for two nights, then go to Itasy (my region) on Monday.  I will officially be on my own on Wednesday.  That moment when the Peace Corps van drives away is going to be a scary one, but I am so excited to finally be getting started.

About a third of the way until my trip back to the states!  Hope things are going well there.

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