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April 16, 2012

It is subtitled in Dutch and taped in a movie theater but I DON’T CARE!!! I will buy 3 copies in the US to make up for it Bri, I swear.  Also, if it is on my flight in August I will probably spend the full 18-hour flight home watching it over and over again.


Sorry, we literally discovered this 2 minutes ago.  Emily, the new CED PCV trainer for this week, had it on her external hard drive.  Christina ran up to me, nearly in tears, grabbed my arms and said “Emily…has…hunger games.”  Which, of course, made me scream and chase after her as we scrambled to download it.

So, needless to say, tonight’s agenda, after dinner, will be to hook up our laptop to a projector, get some snacks (no popcorn, unfortunately that’s just in Tana), and proceed to have significant blood pressure episodes.  I told Christina I should hold my external hard drive, named after a character in the movie, like a stuffed animal during, haha.

In other, more pertinent and less media-related news, we are giving a recommendation presentation to the embroidery woman tomorrow, and going to Tana for the first time on Wednesday, yay!  Really excited to see it, especially since I will probably be there a lot in the next two years because I am only 92km away.

Also, the staff has tentatively set the dates for IST (in-service training) for August 6-10.  This means, that I will unfortunately be unable to attend the bachelorette party, but will be frantically researching flights back to Michigan for the Hines-Bertrand wedding on the 19th J.  As soon as I can get Internet, that is.  May put my family in charge of researching that one, or give Alex something to do when he is bored at work…  When you pay for Internet by the megabyte and don’t have wi-fi, you tend to prioritize and delegate.  However, one of the rewards for collecting enough green cards in our immersion training is Internet for a day…may have to get my conversation on.

Only 2.5ish more weeks before I swear in!  I should know more details about when I will actually go to my site next week.

Tiako ianareo!

ADDENDUM: Just finished watching the movie.  Hunkered down in my REI chair with my sleeping bag, pillow, and wafer cookies here called Frego.  Laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoyed.  Congrats Brian, that was awesome.  A little sad that the end scene took place in the dark, since that was the epic finale, but maybe it will be easier to see when not filmed at a movie theater.  Also got made fun of a lot for my hard drive, but what can I say, I am a sucker for character development.  I did not, however, use it as a stuffed animal.  Thought the actors that I didn’t expect a lot from did a really good job, like Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz.  I didn’t picture them when I read the book, but I liked them a lot.


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