Sunday, April 1, 2012

Summer Camp

March 29, 2012

Back to summer camp.

So I had to say goodbye to my family this morning.  Mom—my host mom is a lot like you, cheery all morning and then cried when it came time to say goodbye.  Which of course, made me cry.  Also, she wanted me to tell you hello.  I am hoping that maybe when you guys come to visit we might be able to go to Mantasoa and see them, since I will not be living too far away.  That will depend on how much time you want to spend in a tax-brousse though…

I hope I got the point across that I am going to come and visit them over the next few weeks, but my language is still limited.  I told them I couldn’t come for Easter, but now I think I might be able to go Easter Monday.

So now we are back living at the PCTC (Peace Corps Training Center).
Here are the reasons why it is like summer camp:
·         We are on a lake
·         We live in “dormitories” with mosquito nets instead of bunk beds
·         We are still living out of suitcases with some stuff in drawers
·         We eat all together in the dining hall
·         We play volleyball and basketball after class
·         It smells like pine trees
·         We put on a lot of sunscreen and bug spray
·         We have to struggle for shower time
·         Our schedule is tightly planned, with activities and classes
·         There are committees to organize different events—I am on the music committee for parties.  Who’s surprised haha.
·         We have to be home by dark, and parties must end by midnight—so there is kind of a curfew

Reasons why it is different than summer camp:
·         Alcohol: after tech trip there will be a bar at the training center
·         Unfortunately, we can’t swim in the lake.  Or any freshwater here.  Prohibited by PC.
·         The food is totally baller.  Or at least way more variety and flavor than homestay
·         We party with our staff.  They are as excited about the bar and parties as we are
·         We get shots—which I assume people don’t usually do at summer camp

So we are planning a party for tomorrow and Saturday to celebrate both being back at PCTC and we have like 12 birthdays (of 29 people) in April.  Plus we won’t see each other (CED vs Enviro) during tech trip so it will be a little hurrah before that.




  1. Hey,

    Just read all the your posts. So glad you're having a good time so far. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. We miss you at soccer and finally destroyed the yellow team.


    1. Nice! I've played a little with my host brothers, mostly juggling with a really flat muddy ball in the rain haha.

      Hope things are good with you!