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March 24, 2012

“Follow the dream doesn’t mean leave the love.  Roam if you must, but come home when you’ve seen enough…” –Atmosphere (my current theme song)

So after talking to my parents this morning I know that there are some questions concerning my future living situation, so I thought I would elaborate a little bit.  No matter what site I am assigned, my housing will provided.  Part of the site selection process is the community is required to provide housing for the volunteer.  This works because the community requests a volunteer, which is part of what makes PC successful.  We don’t go in to communities that have not requested a volunteer.  They want us there, and they want to work with us.

For most of my top sites I would work with Prosperer, a French NGO here until 2015.  In this case, Prosperer pays the rent for my housing.  If I end up in a place where I am working with a commune, the community pays the rent.  In some cases the house is a divided house where I would have a couple rooms and share the house with some other tenants.  Others I have my own apartment or small house.  In no case will I be living with another host family, that ends this week.

The installation process is really impressive.  PC staff not only drives you to site, but stays with you and helps you buy all the stuff you need for your home.  They also help you introduce yourself to the community and the local authorities, since you are not yet fluent in the language, (and no one will speak English).  This also gives them a chance to check and make sure that the housing situation is up to PC standards.

That should cover most things.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to post!

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