Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reflections on our trip

As always seems to happen when we are all together, there was also hilarity, although I don’t think milk came out of anyone’s nose this time.  Alex was forced to use a bathroom down “Jack the Ripper Alley”, Sarah is scarily aggressive when it comes to cockroaches, and Brian and Nicole cannot pull off a covert operation – banana peels and fruit that we were trying to sneak out of the restaurant for the lemurs were treated like a hot potato! – Donna

My favorite thing was the lemurs at Berenty.  You really got a taste of their personalities and curiosity.  It was so much fun to interact with them and see them in their environment. – Nicole

For me, the most memorable aspect of the trip was how different each place was.  Tana is a traffic jam of different cultures and tastes, and the city has so much energy compared to the rest of the country.  The highlands are much more relaxed; the terrain is beautiful, and the markets, ox-driven carts and agriculture make it tough to gauge time (in a good way).  The lemur parks allow you to enjoy nature in person, without feeling like a tourist.  Finally, Fort Dauphin gives you the tropical vacation experience, and a chance to eat yourself into a seafood coma next to the Indian Ocean.  Our two-week trip really felt like four or five vacations, all on the same island. - Alex

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