Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My First VAC as Head Honcho


The weekend after independence day, all of the “mahaylanders” got together for our first VAC meeting with me as the team leader! We had a very good discussion about some of the issues facing volunteers and new policies proposed by the new country director.  Then we got on to the fun part J

In the theme of summer BBQs and fun having, I put together an Olympic games themed party.  There were four teams, each with their own color theme (PURPLE RAIN!!!!! Actually my team was supposed to be blue, but my friend Travis pulled his “zoky” (older sibling in Malagasy) card.  Plus purple rain had a sweet theme song and we DOMINATED).  While it was difficult to get everyone moving in the right direction (herding cats was the phrase that came to mind), we did get two members from each team to participate in the highlight of the day, LIVE ACTION MARIO KART!   We rented little tricycles on the streets of Antsirabe and raced them around the little boulevard.  Sadly I was the only one in costume (LAME, I was Toad J), but one group did buy bananas to throw at other teams, which was pretty hilarious.

Herding cats continued after that to get everyone to the hotel, and it was starting to get dark so we didn’t really do a whole lot of the other games.  Purple Rain did some decent domination in beer pong and flip cup (college revival whoo!) and then we went to go get pizza and cheeseburger.  Yay America!

Overall I think it was successful, and everyone seemed to have fun even though we didn’t do everything planned.  Can’t wait to do it again in October!

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