Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Totally and completely surreal.  I still can’t believe they are FINALLY coming.  As proud and excited as I am about my other projects, I feel like once my family visits I can really feel accomplished about my service.  It is kind of the one thing I am still really waiting on to happen.  There is only so much you can tell from pictures, and I am so excited for my family to experience everything for themselves, and for my friends here to get to meet my family as well.  Plus I am excited to vacation to Ft. Dauphin and Andasibe, of course.

So here is our plan:  They get in on Sunday night the 21st of July, and we will stay the night in Tana.  I have hired a friend as our private driver, and he will take us to my town, Miarinarivo, the next day after breakfast.  We will spend the day in my town meeting people and seeing where I live.  The next day the plan is to head to Emma’s town, Ampefy, to hang out by the lake and see the waterfall.  We will also be seeing more people that I know.  The next day we plan to head to Andasibe to do some night hiking and see the indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar.  We will stay one night out there and then head back to Tana to catch an early flight to Ft. Dauphin.

Two days in Ft. Dauphin, on the southern tip of the island, then we head just slightly west throught he spiny forest to Berenty, a large reserve.  We will spend a day and a night there and then head back to Ft. Dauphin to fly back to Tana.  Then I put my parents and my sister on a plane and Alex and I take off to go south a bit to Antsirabe for a couple of days before I put him on a plane to meet up with my family in Paris.

Wish us smooth sailing for them flying in!  And for all of our domestic flights, fingers crossed haha.


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