Monday, November 19, 2012

Computer Again!!


After a month and a half of reading many books (6) and listening to the same 965 songs on my iphone, my computer has returned J  My apologies for the internet silence, although I did get very good at emailing and facebooking (yep, Oxford is gonna put it in their dictionary) from a computer in French with a French keyboard.  It took me forever and a day to find the @ symbol, let me tell you.

I hope you all are doing well and gearing up for the holiday season.  I haven’t decided if I am just going to ignore Thanksgiving and Christmas and pretend they aren’t happening for two years or go all out and watch a Christmas movie every day and wear a horrible sweater in this sweltering heat.  The heat is the reason it doesn’t actually feel like November.  Compared to many cities in Madagascar this time of year, my town is not all that bad.  I will let you know about heat when I return from my Christmas beach vacation to one of the hottest cities in Madagascar, Mahajanga, on the Mozambique Channel northwest of me.

So, sit back and enjoy the updates from the last month.  Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your holidays!

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