Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Technological Meltdown

Manahoana daholo!!

Hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the beautiful colors of fall.  I do miss it.  However, things have started to get quite warm here, and I am looking forward to the return of the rain.  Although I sure about a month in I will be mad at all the mud.  But I am excited for the rice fields to glow green again instead of burnt and brown.

I have an interesting October ahead of me though.  During our monthly Prosperer meeting at the beginning of the month, my computer froze and now will not boot.  So this blog post comes to you from an incredible slow French PC in my office.  The good news is I had backed up my hard drive just two days prior to the crash, so not all is lost.  Luckily, Emma has a Mac as well, so I was able to open my back-up from her computer and put important documents on a portable flash drive to use at work.  Unfortunately, some of the documents don't work on this computer, so my productivity might not be quite the sma until it is fixed.

Speaking of fixed, special shout out to my Dad's coworker, Oliver Kripfgans, for knowing way more than me about computers, and sending things that will soon arrive to make my computer better.

In the mean time, Sarah will be reading a lot of books this month, and sitting in her hammock, watching the world go by, rather than watching TV on her computer.  If it weren't for the work thing, being without a computer might actually be kind of nice.  A small technological sebattical (I don't actually know how to spell that word, and this computer is checking my spelling in French, so I apologize for any errors).

I will also probably be going to bed earlier haha.

Until next time!

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