Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few Final Notes

Hi All!

So I leave early tomorrow morning and I could not be more excited.  Thank you to everyone for the well wishes!

Just a few short notes.

These are my addresses for training, about 10 weeks or so.  This will probably change come May.

Postage for a letter is $1.05.  REMEMBER TO NUMBER YOUR LETTERS! That way I know if I have missed one.

Also, some of my information says write "air mail" and "por avion" on the letters.

As far as packages they recommend padded envelopes to boxes because they are treated like letters that way.  My mom and I are going to experiment with that.  Will keep you updated.

I will update as soon as I can!


Sarah Fowlkes PCV
Bureau du Corps de la Paix
B.P. 12091
Poste Zoom Ankorondrano
Antananarivo 101

For lightweight, but important or time sensitive items (e.g. airline tickets), we would recommend using an express mail service. Fedex is one possibility and other courier services may operate in Antananarivo. We would advise you to shop around to find the best prices and service options.

If you choose to send items through Fedex, you must address the package to:

Sarah Fowlkes PCV
c/o U.S. Peace Corps Madagascar
Villa les Lierres
Lot IIk76, Lot Bonnet Invandry

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  1. We are so excited about your newest life experience...the people you meet will be forever changed by your devotion to mankind. Love and prayers, Karen G